Thursday, May 11, 2017

One-on-One .....vs Classroom Training

Each has their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage to one-on-one training is that you get the full attention from the instructor. The instructor is able to customize the training to your individual needs and benefits. Often the training can be done on your own computer using on-line tools, which saves you from having to leave the office to go sit in a classroom somewhere. The one on one training can often be completed in half the time as traditional classroom training, getting you back to work and using the tool effectively.

The disadvantage is that you don't get the interaction of other students sharing information and ideas. But it is not always effective, and does not necessarily outweigh the potential benefits that one-on-one training provides.

Some of the advantages of Classroom training are that you have the collective students around you to learn from. You may also have some extra time to practice what your learning, while other students are catching up. The training tends to move at a slower pace and accommodate all skill levels to ensure all in the class can benefit. This can also be a disadvantage if you find that you are a quick learner and would like to move along faster through the training.

As you can see either way there are good reasons to choose both online, or in person, one-on-one or classroom training. Unfortunately  some choose no training at all or are self taught, which has issues of it's own. But will write about that another time.

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